About Louise

Louise is owned by 8 dogs, 4 horses and lives on a farm in Cape Town with her husband and 2 sons. She has a diploma in beauty therapy but not long after stepped into the world of dog training and grooming. She went on numerous adventures to attend clicker training workshops and completed international courses in dog training and behaviour. You can read more about this on her other web site In  2008 she met her mentor a dog trainer and certified qigong practitioner Kirsten Frisch. She moved on to opening up a boarding and training facility for dogs in 2008 in Joostenbergvlakte after completing an international certificate in dog behaviour and training. She is the published author of two dog training books; Winter Dogs; Living with Huskies as Pet Dogs and her second book Shaping Your Dog - The Positive Way. 

She was involved in rescuing and rehabilitating of Huskies in Cape Town and also started a dog sledding club after visiting her friends in Alaska in 2008 and 2011.

She has completed courses on Animal Communication, Zoopharmacogsny  as well as Fascia Trauma Release courses for both people and horses.

Louise has done workshops on energy work with the School of Intuition and Healing in 2020 and have had sessions with a Qigong practitioner in 2019 in Colorado which is a ancient healing modality. Through these sessions Louise was able to release blockages and old patterns that no longer served her and was able to start using her potential to help others and realize her inner power.

 Louise however does not referrer much to courses and certificates when it comes to healing and intuition. She strongly believes even though intuition is a skill we all have that if you learn to recognize it you can improve the frequency of intuitive information received not just for one self but to help others move away from old familiar patterns that we as humans tend to fall back on. We all have at least 12 different archetypes of which 4 are our survival archetypes which include the victim, prostitute, saboteur, child. These archetypes have a shadow and light side. We fall into the shadow side when we fear change. Louise also has the archetypes of the healer, teacher and mystic. Having these archetypes gives her the ability to help others with their intuition by using her own intuition. She does this work for the love of others and as it is a constant force that guides her into mysticism. Mysticism is the need to knowing God, the laws of the universe and the connection we have within nature. Why our souls are in the body it is in the time and place it is. To be able to do that work you have to start to surrender, surrender your comfort of old patterns and even believe systems. You cannot up your vibration if you are not willing to surrender your ego the critic in you. But sometimes we need help with this to help us shift and bring enlightenment. Your soul is constantly seeking you out but you have to be willing to acknowledge and surrender your own agenda. The work is not about what you can gain but how you can serve others! Manifesting I believe is a false surrender, it's almost like we think we are God, we don't have the power to manifest a perfect life that's the ego talking. But relentless faith in a higher being then yourself can lend you the Grace to carry you through the tough times. You cannot feed the ego and your spirit at the same time. The shadow in you is the one we often choose as it's familiar and in the short run is easier, but that is where illness and regret creeps in.