About Louise

In Louise's former years she worked as a certified beauty therapist and was the owner of a salon. During that time she met her mentor a dog trainer and certified qigong practitioner. She moved on to opening up a boarding and training facility for dogs in 2008 after completing an international certificate in dog behaviour and training. She is the published author of two dog training books; Winter Dogs; Living with Huskies as Pet Dogs and her second book Shaping Your Dog - The Positive Way. 

She was involved in rescuing and rehabilitating of Huskies in Cape Town and also started a dog sledding club after visiting her friends in Alaska in 2008 and 2011.

She has attended numerous animal works shop including a clicker training workshop with Alexandra Kurland in the UK in 2011 as well as worked with Kirsten Frisch at Buddies Chance League a do training facility in Texas as well as with The Gentle Canine in 2015 in Colorado.

She has completed courses on Animal Communication, Zoopharmacogsny with Healing Animals as well as Fascia Trauma Release courses for both people and horses with Lize Kimble.

Louise has done workshops on energy work with the School of Intuition and Healing in 2020 and have had sessions with a Red Hat Qigong practitioner in 2019 in Colorado which is a ancient healing modality passed on from teacher to student orally. Through these sessions Louise were able to release blockages and old patterns that no longer served her and was able to start using her potential to help others and realize her inner power. 

Louise have been mentored since by Kirsten Frisch and continues to do The Work - working through her own "stuff" reaching her highest potential. She is also well versed in the work of Caroline Myss and is currently enrolled in the Caroline Myss Professional Certifications of Archetypal work. The work that she does with her clients is done in a professional manner and is also work that she has already done herself and are able to give guidance on.