Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance

Energy healing helps us to release energy blockages that were caused by trauma, fear, resentment, shame and anger. We sometimes choose not to heal by nurturing old wounds, things that were done to us or that we feel was not fair or an event that was traumatic and hard to work through replaying it in our mind. This can be consciously or subconsciously. We all have habits in our behaviour and thoughts that we hold on to, sometimes those habits are hard to let go off and can cause us to become unhappy and even ill. 

Louise can help you get them unstuck, release energy blockages that no longer serve you. She will share some intuitive hits she receives either through thoughts or images as she works with you. By releasing and realigning your energy system you will be able to do The Work going forward if you are truly open to change. Change is hard for us as it is not always linear, but we try and hold onto the known by staying stuck as our attempt to slow change down. That only causes us to be unhappy and not live up to our highest potential.  These sessions are guidance for you to be able to start living your full potential, it is a life journey and not a quick fix to quick answers.

As humans we often feel that life is not fair and that bad things should only happen to bad people, unfortunately that is not how the universe works. Everything is about laws of right or wrong, truth or lies, gravity is a good example to explaining such truths. It's about universal truth and not about our truth and opinions. Through gratitude we are however able to experience joy even in times of grief, trauma or loss. Sometimes the most personal trauma is very impersonal or both. Grace is what helps us get through difficult times and through prayer we awaken Grace.

Rates 2021

Intuitive Session   1 Hour - R750

Follow up Session within 1 month - R450

Hotstone massage 30 min R250 (must be combined with a healing session)

Fascia Trauma Release Massage 1 Hour - R400 

Shiatsu 20 min chair massage R100