Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance

Energy healing helps us to release energy blockages that were caused by trauma, fear, resentment, shame and anger. Often we are not aware of these energy blockages but feel irritated, anxious, withdrawn from people and even depressed. Or we lack confidence, find that we point out other peoples flaws or a feeling of being overwhelmed and a lack of self-esteem often overshadowed by the ego! If left as is it can be the start of illness. Our biography becomes our biology. We have to do the work and peel through the layers. Its not a race to perfection but instead it the journey of the soul in a physical body. We are truly here to serve and love each other as we are all connected. Our inner power is who we truly are not the false self we try and keep up with. I can help you get  these energy blockages unstuck and release energy blockages that no longer serve you. In these sessions you might cry, yawn, tremor laugh even purge to name a few it is all part of the healing process and letting go of stuck energy.  Its an on going process in which I would like to give you guidance so that you can do the work your self. Its not a once I am healed all is good situation. We continuously shift and as we go up in the levels of our mansion as Caroline Myss also explains you can work on the same issue but in a deeper layer. This does not mean you stay wounded no it means that you learn to be grateful and experience joy even in times of grief and adversity. Your soul seeks you out all the time and not the other way around.  I will share intuitive hits that I receive either through thoughts, physical feelings in my own body or images as I work with you. By releasing and realigning your energy system you will be able to do The Work going forward if you are truly open to change. Change is hard for us as it is not always linear, but we try and hold onto the known by staying stuck as our attempt to slow change down or not to accept the trauma we have faced.  In the long run this weighs us down and we haemorrhage our power. 

I myself are well aquatinted with fear! For a long time if I was knocked down I would come back up fighting back even harder. But then fear would come back and be even stronger! I realised that fighting back harder often physically did not mean I was actually stronger! I learned instead I had to armar myself with God’s Grace and Power and then the illusion fear created submits to that inner power. Its not always easy but that is where the work lies. My partners in this are what God is sharing with us and that is my connection to nature of which we are all apart. I am able to instantly ground myself and receive  Chi if I remind myself to go out and connect with the trees, birds and wind.

As humans we often feel that life is not fair and that bad things should only happen to bad people, unfortunately that is not how the universe works. Everything is about laws of right or wrong, truth or lies, gravity is a good example to explaining such truths. It's about universal truth and not about our truth and opinions. Through gratitude we are however able to experience joy even in times of grief, trauma or loss. Sometimes the most personal trauma is very impersonal or both. Grace is what helps us get through difficult times and through prayer we awaken Grace.

When I pray I no longer pray for stuff or to not be in a situation instead I pray for the insight and Grace to help me through the difficulty. 


Intuitive Session  - R750

Follow up Session within 1 month - R450 

These sessions take place in Wellington at Silver Oaks Farm