As a intuitive I can assist you through energy healing sessions helping you to work through emotions that manifest in your body helping you make a shift and letting energy flow which has a direct effect on your emotional and physical health. You still need to do the work, I only guide you through the flow of intuitive thoughts I receive while working with your energy field.

I used to suffer from severe back pain constantly as I was suppressing my intuitive skills and inner power. A very good friend and mentor help me realize that I was holding back, being "mousy" as she put it. Once I trusted my own intuition and what my true purpose is I was rid of most of the pain. I only now get small reminders from time to time to ground myself and let go of unhealthy thinking, things that we hold onto to try and have balance. Balance is not holding on to previous emotions, events or feelings I had to realize that just like nature I could be happy no matter the sadness around me and that I will have different emotions and that it's okay as long as we let it flow.

We all have intuitive skills it is, just a matter of trusting it. Non of us have all the answers as it is meant to be a life time journey. 

What is energy? Everything consist of energy including humans, plants and animals. As humans we tend to suppress this energy and intuitive information we receive out of fear, we try to do life only with our minds instead we should consciously enter our bodies everyday as we are our spirit.. It is our minds that cause us to believe and trust the illusion that we create, instead of trusting our intuition that is seeking you out every day and will continue to do so.

If you do not fulfill your inner power you will become ill and depressed. "Your biography becomes your biology". Do not lie to yourself that you can with your mind create your inner power and wealth as it is that same mind that lies to you. For example saying that you will eat healthy from Monday but deep inside you know you are lying to yourself. If you cannot even control what you eat with your mind how can you control your emotional and spiritual health with your mind. We cannot separate spirit from our bodies and minds as it is who we are, we are spiritual beings, which has nothing to do with religion.

Intuitive guidance is just information I receive at the speed of light and am able to make sense of it and translate it over to you. I receive this information in the form of thoughts. Some people see images and some hear words and other people receive thoughts. 

In my sessions I also offer shiatsu chair massage for 20 min and you can add a relaxing hot stone massage to your session.

Rates 2021

Intuitive Session   1 Hour R750

Intuitive Session and Healing with Horses  1.5 Hours  R950

Follow up Session within 1 month R450

Hotstone massage 30 min R250 (must be combined with a healing session)

Shiatsu 20 min chair massage R100