What is Animal Communication and Self-selection

Intuition is a skill and not a talent. It is information we receive very fast and able to make out what it means. Our own ability to hear and listen to our intuition has to do with our Self-esteem. Telepathically we can connect with animals. If you need some help with connecting with your animal I can do remote sessions or one on one sessions in person. I also combine a in person session with Self-selection of essential oils and other plant extracts to help your animal with emotional or physical issues.

I also make use of quantum healing where I use positive energy to encourage healing. Animals naturally have a flight response, they naturally know what they need to medicate themselves we have lost that sense but still have the ability to find it. In these self-selection sessions animals select natural plant extracts in the form of dried herbs and essential oils. This helps with healing them emotionally as well as physically.
I can do remote communication via a recent photo of your pet as well as in person sessions.
About Me

I have worked with animals especially dogs and horses since 2008 as a behaviour consultant and dog trainer. I run a successful boarding and training facility and for 7 years ran Husky Rescue S.A. in Cape Town, rehabilitating abandoned huskies and rehoming them. I have worked with shelters like Animal Anti Cruelty League as well as African Tails with fostering and rehabilitation through self-selection, communication and training.  I have also held numerous clicker training workshops for dog and horse owners but have applied my training, self-selection and communication skills to cats, pigs, horses and dogs. 

I completed a course on learning theory, training and behaviour with Raising Canine LLC in Texas. I also attended a clinic with Alexandra Kurland on clicker training with horses in the UK in 2011.

I completed animal communication and self-selection courses with the Animal healing academy as well as done practical work as a dog trainer with Buddies Chance LLC in Texas and worked with Kirsten R Frsich a Certified dog trainer and animal communicator in Colorado USA in 2015 and 1019. I am also a professional  groomer specialising in grooming of bunnies that are severely matted due to neglect and abandonment. 

I have spend time in Alaska in 2008 as well as 2011 with sprint musher Lynn Orbison, Egill Ellis and Long distance musher Jeff King learning about the dog powered sport called mushing/sledding. 


Rates 2021

Animal Communication with Self-selection  R950
Follow up session within 1 month R750
(excluding travel)
Remote communication via photo R650
Follow up within 2 weeks