What is Animal Communication and Self-selection

Animal communication is not a gift nor a talent, but a skill. The more self-esteem you have the stronger your intuitive hits become. It's not about your ego, your ego is the part of you that gets in the way. Your Ego is the voice that tell you, you can't and neither can other people. Your ego likes to shame you for wanting to trust your intuition - your soul. 

In these session Louise receives telepathy intuitive hits in the form of thoughts or images at the speed of light and still being able to make sense of it.  Sometimes our animals reflect our own pain physical or emotional and such a session can help both you and your animal to release old blockages.

If you feel that there is something lacking in your relationship with your dog, horse or cat or you want to help your animal with his health or general well being then Louise can help you do that through a communication session. With her in person sessions she also combines this with Zoopharmacognosy which is the natural self-selection of plant extracts usually in the form of essential oils, hydrosols and herbs. 

Rates 2021

Animal Communication with Self-selection  R950
Follow up session within 1 month R750
(excluding travel)
Remote communication via photo R650
Follow up within 2 weeks 
These sessions do not replace a check up for your animal with your veterinarian.